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May 23, 2012
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 [This will start in 3rd person but go to 1st person]


After Felix had first contacted James on twitter they started to talk much more. Not just about what games they would collab in, but also like friends would. After a few months or so James asked Felix if he would like to come and visit the creature house. He wasn't quick to say yes. He made up excuses like, he would have to go through jet lag again, or he would be behind on his videos. James answered simply with "you'll get over the jet lag" and "Just being a laptop and your recording stuff, you can record here." After a while he finally said yes. In two weeks he flew over to the creature house. 

[Felix's P.O.V]

The flight was long and boring for me, I had a little kid beside me who kept putting things in my face and yelling in my ear. His mother didn't seem to care. After some very long hours I finally arrived at the airport. James had texted me directions to the house. I shifted my bag on my shoulder and walked to the taxi phone, my small suitcase's wheels clicking on the tiles. I was starting to regret my decision on coming out to the house. For about twenty minutes I stood outside the airport waiting for my taxi, while I was waiting I thought of things to say, and wondered if James had told any of the other guys that I was visiting. I chuckled a little bit at the thought, maybe I could play a little prank on the guys who didn't know. A taxi pulling up in front of my pulled me from my thoughts and I climbed inside.

"Where to?" He asked in a low gruff voice.

I looked at the text again and gave him the directions. He nodded and floored it, making my fall against the door hard, a slight wave of pain crawled up my arm then faded. "Could you slow down a little?" I asked. He didn't answer. We sped by the other cars, buildings flying past me. I just hoped we wouldn't get pulled over, I just wanted to get there. The car lurched to a stop, I hit my head against the seat in front of me. the guy looked at me with his hand out.

"20 bucks." I handed him his money without question and quickly got out of the stuffy cab. The house was huge, bigger than I expected it to be. i stared at it for a second before walking up the steps. I put on my best straight face and ran the doorbell. It took a bit but someone finally answered, and it wasn't James. It was a a bald guy with a beard, slightly big and maybe in his late or early twenties. From the look he was giving my, it was obvious that James didn't tell him about my arrival.

"Finns det en James Wilson här?" I grinned.

He looked at me confused. "James?"

I nodded. "Ja."

He walked slightly into the room and shouted up the stairs. "James'! There's a foreign guy that wants to talk to you!" 

"A foreign guy!" I heard James' voice yell down as he ran down the stairs. He saw me and I grinned, opening my arms open like I wanted a hug. "Felix!" He ran down the rest of the stairs and gave me a quick hug.

"So this is Felix?" Dan asked. 

James nodded. "He's Pewdiepie on youtube."

"That's why he seemed familiar." He started to walk down the stairs. "Nice to see you in person Felix." 

"You too." I said with a smile. 

I don't know why I wrote this, I feel like a bad bro now D:
If you guys want this to keep going just comment, if you want it to stop just comment. It is up to you guys whether or not this to keep going! c:
also I used Google translate for the Swedish part so it may be a bit off ^^"

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maplefire2 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
don't feel like a bad bro , the only way you could be a bad bro is by teaming up with the barrels
wheatly11 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
oh goodie google translator :3
CreeperAngel22Cat Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Bronzedragon, you shouldn't feel like a bad bro! You're just fine! Pewdie and Nova would be proud of you! You are a great author. No one should feel like a bad bro!
thunderstar1234 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
yes +w+
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Well this is a new pairing for me xD
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(Admin- Oh god... I now have to read ALL of it)
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Is that good or bad?...
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